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My girlfriend started her new brand/online store Sweet Nothing!
We worked super hard getting this together, I photographed all the studio and location images.
Everything on the store is one of a kind, head on over and check it out! b a d c
Gilberto grabbed this shot of me coming down a steep ridge.  We ran into some pretty sketchy situations going cross country on this trip. Having to deal with some super exposed class 4 climbing with fully loaded packs. It made me feel that much smaller amongst the huge granite walls that surrounded us throughout the trip. Can’t wait to share more of my images soon! b a d c
Myself fully embracing mother nature even after she kicked my ass with an insane 7 hour storm. So happy in nature. b a d c
Ripping up the desert b a d c
Only 3 hours in and a storm was already forming above our heads b a d c
Spent some wild times in the Sierras last week b a d c
Ode to the Owens Valley b a d c
Heading into the backcountry tomorrow to go get lost for 5 days!
Can’t wait to share with you all once I’m back.
Do you guys have any last minute summer trips planned? b a d c
California dreamin b a d c
Emerge from the sea b a d c
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